4 September 2018
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How To Earn From Fiverr Without Skills

Many people says we cannot earn Money from fiverr without skill.
It’s not true.
Millions of people earning from fiverr, people per hour , freelancer and upwork, without any skill.

There are many type of things that you can provide on fiverr for example Email list, Business Leads, Business Contacts, Targeted business contacts etc. Every new business wants b2b data and they always go on fiverr or other freelancing sites to buy targeted business data for marketing purpose.
For Example if someone manufacture the glasses or he is owner of Glass factory. Then ofcourse for marketing he need to contact with hotels, restaurants etc.
You can provide him Hotels contacts easilty without skill, just using simple and single click tools.
Just visit this site touchesoftwares.com and you can see different type of leads extractor tool, download and install in your pc. These tools extract valid, fresh business leads from different platforms i.e Yellow Pages Directories, Fb, Linkedin , Google map, whitepages.

Download Tool for Yellow Pages Scraping
Download Tool for Google Map
Download Tool for Facebook
Download Tool for Whitepages

Step 1 : Go to Fiverr and make your account.
Step 2 : Create unique and attractive Gig i.e I will provide any type of business leads with email in 5$
Step 3 : Share your gig on social media to get maximum impression and click on your gig to rank your gig on fiverr.
Step 4 : Install Different tools from touchesoftwares.com
Step 5 : When you get order, Get data from these tools, and Export data into Excel file.
Step 6 : Deliver your order on Fiverr! That’s it.

I hope you understand how people doing web scraping , data entry, web research, virtual assistant services, data mining , business leads etc on fiverr and other sites.

Skill issue is solved? Enjoy earning on Fiverr !
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Author : Moeen Ali

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