18 December 2020
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Holler Away Mingle & Engage with People Around Me

Holler Away Mingle & Engage with People Around Me


Holler Away is a location social network that empowers our community to holler live status updates and engage with people around us.

Share timely news, events, alerts or seek help from other people located within your area. Otherwise chatter about the latest buzz in town! If life gets too hard on you, holler and vent out your frustrations! There’s always a listening ear from our growing community of members.


1. Discover live hollers from other people around me!

2. Holler what’s happening around me. Share news, alerts, seek help and more!

3. Mingle, engage and chat with others around me. Share gifs, location and cute emojis!

4. Follow other people that you admire and see their trending hollers.

5. Easily create location and media rich hollers with photo and video support!

6. Maintain full control over your privacy and notifications. Modify, hide or display your profile on the members list anytime. Or turn off private chat and notifications at will.

7. Simple onboarding. Holler using just an email and password or your favourite social media accounts. All done within 10 seconds flat.

8. Reporting tools. Help us build a safer community by reporting bad users on the platform. Our moderators will receive an email alert and respond with immediate urgency.

9. Full control of your data. Modify or delete your profile and hollers anytime. No questions ask.

UPDATE (5th June, 2020): Recipients will only receive private chat notifications from senders with approved profile photos. This helps us grow a healthier community and incentivise members who are sincere on meeting new people.

IMPORTANT: Holler Away is very liberal on what users can post on the platform. However, we strictly do not permit nudity, abusive/gory content, illegal activity and escort/sexual services on the platform. We frequently moderate and suspend accounts that post such content. If you’re looking for such content, Holler Away is not the right platform for you. Please see our community rules for more information (https://holleraway.com/rules).


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